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Operating a business in today's economic environment is both highly competitive and very strenuous. There are a multitude of uncertainties and challenges that you will be required to overcome, as such those business aspects that can be controlled should be properly undertaken at the outset of commercial operations, including your business' incorporation as a correctly constituted company. And given the significance of this particular undertaking, utilizing the services of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer cannot be understated.

When you incorporate a company with our law firm, you will benefit from the professional services of an experienced corporate lawyer who understands the importance of devising the appropriate corporate structure for your business operations, on a cost-effective basis -  with flat rates* for standard incorporations at the federal and provincial level. Making the appropriate corporate decisions at the outset of the corporation's existance can be particularly advantage, given that it can better facilitate business, investment and tax structure, while avoid the cost and hassle of undertaking remedial corporate actions that can significantly delay processes that require more immediate action.

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* Please note that the flat rates associated with a standard incorporation are strictly limited to a basic incorporation (federal, Ontario, Alberta) and does not involve other matters that might be corrollary to the incorporation process or might be atypical for a standard incorporation, including but not limited to related legal or tax advice, engagement with other governmental bodies or professional bodies, licensing, drafting of pertinent business contracts (i.e., shareholders' agreements), negotiations, disputes, financing, coordination with other companies or other legal structuring.


What is Incorporation [fundamentals of creating a company]

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