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Your legal obligations don't come to an end upon completion of the business incorporation, quite to the contrary, the legal demands upon your business are only go become that much greater in the days, months and years following the incorporation of your company. At Neufeld Legal P.C., we therefore provide the legal counsel to enable you to navigate these legal challenges and optimize opportunities that do arise.

Business Launch

Starting a Business - the commencement of the business is more than its incorporation, as legal advice and direction are important to its long term success

Partnership / Joint Venture - collaborating with others through partnerships or joint ventures needs to be undertaken correctly to optimize the benefits and facilitate its continuance

Purchasing a Business - acquiring an existing business is a cautionary tale, requiring due diligence, legal and technical analysis, appropriate pricing (financing where applicable) and legal safeguards

Franchise Businesses - with their unique business characteristics, and obligations that emanate from these characteristics, it is important that you understand what you are getting into

Business Advancement

Contracts - the fundamental legal basis for most business relationships and as such a crucial legal aspect that demands experienced legal counsel

Financing & Banking - the basis through which business advance, such that they are capable of achieving greater results with the monetary backing of others, though heavily securitized

Employee Arrangements - the backbone of most businesses, though influenced by perception and emotions, such that instituting precautionary legal protections is appropriate

Commercial Real Estate - one of the most significant financial costs associated with a business and hardest to separate from (without paying an enormous price) necessitating good contracts

Corporate Future

Selling Your Business - doing it right makes all the difference in how much you receive for it, such that experience is critical

Merger / Acquisition - the means through which to advance the business, heavily reliant upon the legal professionals implementation of the business acquisition structure

Business Succession - vital planning to optimize the financial return from the disposition of your business and make the transference effective to the new ownership

Tax Planning - corporate legal structuring that enables your company to undertake legitimate tax minimization and tax deferral strategies in accordance with the Income Tax Act (Canada)

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